Say Goodbye to Scaling Bottlenecks

Permify is based on Google's Zanzibar that scaled Gmail, Calendars, and more to trillions of access checks. Deploy fine-grained authorizations that scales effortlessly with your user base.

Feature 04
Scalable Authorization

Blazing Fast Access Checks

Achieve lightning-fast response times down to 10ms for access control checks, thanks to our state-of-the-art parallel graph engine and various cache mechanisms that we operate.

Feature 04
Google Zanzibar

Powered by Open-source that scales to trillions of data

Inspired by Zanzibar! Built at Google to scale Gmail and Calendars to handle trillions of access checks. We're striving to make Zanzibar's scalability accessible for everyone to utilize and benefit from in their applications and services.

Feature 04
Production-Ready API

Production Ready Authorization API for Peak Performance

Serve your authorization needs through gRPC and REST, bringing together efficiency and flexibility.

Feature 04
Multi-Tenant By Default

Unified Management with Multi-Tenancy & Cross-Product Checks

Create and manage custom permissions for different tenants, all in one place, with our multi-tenancy support. Or bridge the gap between enhanced cross-product permission checks.

Build Scalable Authorization Systems without the infrastructure maintenance