Fine Grained Permissions Tailored to Your Needs

Leverage Permify's flexible authorization logic to craft custom policies that precisely meet your application's requirements. Whether it’s roles, hierarchical permissions, user groups, conditional access, or time-based restrictions...

Feature 04
Permify Schema

Modeling Authorization

Permify has its own language that you can model your authorization logic with it. The language allows to define arbitrary relations between users and objects, such as owner, editor, commenter or roles like admin, manager, member and also dynamic attributes such as IP range, location, time period, etc.

Feature 04
Relationship Based Access Control

A True ReBAC Solution

Permify has designed and structured as a true Relationship Based Access Control(ReBAC) solution. Besides traditional roles and attributes Permify also supports indirect permission granting through relationships.

Feature 04
Permission Governance

Manage Life Cycle of Authorization Logic with Schema Staging

Manage your authorization logic and changes through different stages. Tested your authorization model at QA environment, approve any changes, and when ready push to production right within your collaborative dashboard.

Build Fine Grained Permissions With Permify Schema