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What's Poppin': April

What's Poppin': April

Firatcan Dogan

May 3, 2022

Hey Everyone,

I’m here with another What’s Poppin, where we bring you the latest updates on Permify. My name is Firat, and I’m the co-founder of Permify.

I’ll start with my words with most unauthentic way; At Permify we believe… Nope! We just make authorizations ready for you, so you can keep doing interesting stuff.

Because even we know it’s frustrating. So here’s what we bring this month to keep things easy and interesting.

Auth0 Integration: Full-stack Authorizations & Authentication without breaking a sweat!

Auth0 is the one the largest Authentication provider out there. And we know how our users rely on them.

We take where Auth0 left off. So, we want to make dead simple to integrate Auth0, so that you can go full-stack with Authentication & Authorizations.

For more details check our guide.

Debugger: Stay on top of every access check.

I can talk about how great debugger is, but that probably will be biased. So, you made up your own mind.

We show every detail on access check so you can see who did access where, and where did they get stuck.

Open-Source React Roles Library: Fastest Way to Build Role Management in Your SaaS Apps.

We know not everyone needs a powerful authorization system, or our dashboard. Sometimes just a few simple roles are enough at the beginning.

But things got messy pretty quickly. You ship new features that require more granularity, and your users start asking for more reliability on the access control part.

And boom! You’re in a technical depth that makes development 10x slower.

That’s why we built the React Roles library. It keeps your authorizations in line until you need more complex authorizations and decoupled logic.

React Role is a lightweight role based access management solution which provides components, hooks, and helper methods for controlling access checks and user permissions throughout your entire React application without any backend connection.

Check out our Repo for more details.

Design and Test Policy as a Code with Developer Playground!

This is for the ones who have commitment issues. Yes, you. You know yourself. (This sounds like a bad sitcom line in my mind…)

Anyways, Developer Playground is how you design and test the capabilities of Permify without signing up or setting up into your app.

So you can see what it’s like to use Permify without any commitment.

Check out playground from here.

Onboarding: ​​Just 3 Step and You're Good to Go!

Last but not least, we want to make sure you have smoothest setup experience.

So, ​​We're continuously trying to make it simple & fast to setup Permify. Today we're launching a simple onboarding for our new users. Or existing one yet to setup Permify 🥲 🙃

You can setup Permify just by following 3 simple steps. And BAM! You're good to go 🚀🚀

API Status: 99.9% Uptime Check yourself out!

Latency and uptime is one the most important metrics we track over here. Not just for ourselves, but since Permify is an important part of your product.

For those who have anxiety, we have bunch of methods to stop thinking about our uptime like single calls for access control list from login.

But we want you to know even if you stop thinking about our Uptime, we don’t! So here’s our API status page you can check uptime.

Simple it’s my home screen…

What you asked for at Panel

This list is kinda long, but we curated couple of most important updates you asked for. Now, you can create groups and roles from panel.

You still can programmatically do the same tasks, but those who want a simple UI for it. Here you go. You asked for it, we build it!

And the second one we picked is adding groups & roles from the panel. You can choose multiple groups and roles for your users as well.

One less thing to worry about while building your product!

Need more help? You can always schedule an onboarding call from the Panel.

Thanks everyone for reading! Feel free to reach out me for any questions at