Zero-Trust & Least Privilege by Nature

Achieve Zero-trust and Least Privilege with an access control system that creates a natural linkage between your resources and access rights. No more role explosion.

Feature 04
Audit Trails

Audit Trails: Your Ally in Security and Compliance

With audit logs, keep a vigilant watch over user access history. Track every user's historical access to resources, and keep a detailed log of the access rights used. Essential for maintaining compliance and preventing security breaches.

Feature 04
User Provisioning

Streamlined Access Management and User Provisioning

Enable teams to manage user permissions, request and revoke access rights for resources granularly with time-bounded access. Reducing IT workload and expediting access.

Feature 04
Visualized Graph

Holistic Visibility for Your Access Control Logic

Permify creates a holistic graph of your access control logic and makes it easier for your teams to reason about Authorization and Access Rights.

Feature 04

Permify Validate: Streamlined Testing for Authorization

Make your authorization logic bulletproof with Permify Validate. With features like scenario testing, policy analysis, and IDL parser integration, you can effortlessly ensure end-to-end validation of your authorization schema.

Achieve Least Privilege with Zero Hassle Using Permify!