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What's Poppin No:1 - Product Updates at Permify

What's Poppin No:1 - Product Updates at Permify

Firatcan Dogan

May 1, 2022

Hey Everyone,

We’re bringing you the latest updates of this month. Bunch of new features and launches that will save hundreds of hours!

We love building alongside you, so simply say “What’s popping?” and let us know what you want!

New Panel is Here!

It’s how you create and manage authorizations through a simple UI. So, I’m the type of person who laughs its own jokes to death... So, don’t take my word for it. Try it yourself...

But it’s the simplest way to manage your authorizations

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Open-source Role Management Library

Starting with our Open-source Gorm Library! We have launched our open-source role management library for founders and fellow indie devs. So you can build granular role management faster for free!

It’s been a week, and we got;

  • 100 upvotes on Product Hunt
  • 60 stars on Github

Feel generous today? Give an star to us :)

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New Discord Community!

We launched our Discord community this Friday! And already 30 folks have joined the conversation.

And no, we’re not lame. We don’t call them “Permfiers”!

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Laravel and PHP SDK

Even though there is a very powerful Authorization library in Laravel, this one was a highly requested SDK!

We make 0 to Bullet-proof Authorizations in PHP and Laravel in under 5 mins

Check out this piece for more!

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New 2 Demo Apps

Last but not least! We have shared 2 more demo apps on NBodeJS and NextJS with a boilerplate to make your experience as smooth as possible!

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And More to Come

  • Curated Library of 100’s Startup Deals
  • Developer Playground
  • More Permify Panel Updates

Stay tuned!