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For your users

Scalable Custom Roles for Your Users Specific Needs.

Let your users define custom roles with different permission for their own needs. Make your product ready for every type of team, specific need and scale.

for your app

your apps 10x faster with our cache ınfrastructure.

Make your apps 10x faster with request handling builded on in-memory data structure store. Your apps, blazing fast!

for your brand

make your role management uI Beautiful with no effort.

Customize our beautifully designed permission management panel and error handlers. Easily integrate with your app, and stop worrying about the front-end effort.


$host = ''
$token = '{your-private-token}';

$path = '/v1/workspaces/{workspace}/users?type=backend';
$path = $path . '?hmac_timestamp=' . time();

$hmacSign = hash_hmac("sha1", $path, $token);

$url =  $path . "&hmac_sign=" . $hmacSign;

// make http request


for your developers

Easily setup permission system in less than 10 mins.

Build your permission system less than 10 mins with few simple line of code, and our Restful API. No more repetitive work, and changing the roles over and over again.

Everything you need to build a role management system without costing 1000’s of




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